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Fine crust tomato tart

Fine-crust tomato tart, french basil and pesto


Tuna avocado tartare

Raw diced tuna with avocado, fresh coriander, capers and green pepper gremolata 


Bleu cheese souflé

Blue cheese soufflé served with a small salad of apple, watermelon and orange


Crab meat mango salad

Crab meat and mango salad with salmon roe and beetroot dressing


Crottin de Chavignol salad

Baked Crottin de Chavignol (goat cheese) on toasted bread with honey and thyme served with salad



Beef carpaccio

Thin raw slices of US prime beef with arugula leaves, dressed with virgin olive oil


Jumbo scallops Parmesan foam

Seared Jumbo scallops wrapped with Serrano ham and fresh rosemary served on truffle oil risotto with Parmesan foam


Smoked trout

Smoked Tasmanian salmon served with salmon roe, capers and sour cream


Ballottine de foie gras

Pistachio crusted foie gras ballotine served with diced mango, caramelized apple and mango chutney    


Foie gras poêlé

Pan seared foie gras served with Port wine reduction, caramelized apple and mango



Cauliflower Soup

Creamy cauliflower soup with crispy chorizo



French onion soup

French onion soup topped with grilled emmental cheese


Asparagus Soup

Asparagus soup topped with Serrano ham


Shrimp soup

Shrimp and cognac bisque soup served with garlic Crostini 




Avocado prawn salad

Baked herb prawn salad, sliced avocado and olive oil lime dressing


Turkey Caesar salad

Turkey Caesar salad with anchovy, bacon, Parmesan and Caesar dressing


Burrata & Serrano salad

Burrata cheese salad with Serrano ham, beetroot, fresh basil and lemon dressing


Niçoise salad Provencal style

Seared fresh tuna, anchovies, hard-boiled egg, olives, red onion, cherry tomatoes and green beans


Duck & mango salad

French duck breast salad with mango, celery, orange and apple cider dressing



Blue cheese ravioli

Blue cheese ravioli stuffed with green peas and spinach, served with creamy blue cheese sauce


Beef lasagna

Homemade beef lasagna served with green salad


Pasta vegetables pesto

Pasta with grilled vegetables and pesto sauce with abalone mushroom, fresh mozzarella and pine-nuts


Seafood pasta

Seafood pasta with shrimp bisque sauce, fresh spinach and cherry tomatoes



Fish main courses

Baked sea bass

Baked sea bass (loup de mer) served with port wine foam and pumpkin risotto


Baked grouper

Baked grouper (mérou) served with parmesan foam, chorizo ratatouille and crispy arancini


Moules marinières

Mussels marinières: steamed Chilean mussels in white wine and shallot served with french fries


Glazed salmon steak

Glazed salmon steak with honey and grain mustard served with teriyaki foam, mashed pumpkin and grilled asparagus


Tiger prawns

Roasted tiger prawns wrapped in bacon with holy basil, served with shrimp bisque sauce and pumpkin risotto


Snow fish

Baked snow fish (cabillaud) served with Edamame bean ragout, artichoke heart, bacon and black olives


Other main courses

US Rib Eye

Grilled US rib eye (entrecôte) served with fresh green pepper sauce and french fries


Pork loin grain mustard

Seared pork loin served with creamy grain-mustard sauce, potato gratin and buttered green


Steak Tartare

Minced raw prime Australian beef mixed with capers, shallot, parsley, seasonning, served with french fries and salad


Roasted small chicken

Roasted Cornish game hen (small chicken from the US) served with tarragon sauce and grilled young vegetables


Braised lamb shank

Braised lamb shank served with rosemary juice and pasta


French duck magret

Pan fried french duck breast served with red date sauce, mashed potatoes and mushrooms fricassee


Roasted lamb rack

Roasted lamb rack served with rosemary juice, potato gratin and grilled young vegetables


Beef tenderloin & seared foie gras

Grilled Australian beef tenderloin topped with seared foie gras, served with foie gras sauce and young vegetables


Cheese plate

French cheese selection: Crottin de Chavignol, Roquefort, Brie and Emmental


Sweet finish

Crème brûlée

Crème brûlée with Banteay Srey vanilla  


Ile flottante

Poached egg whites with caramelized sugar served on vanilla custard


Paris Brest

French pastry made from choux pastry stuffed with hazelnut, praline and almond cream


Chilled rhubarb soup

Chilled rhubarb soup with vanilla panna cotta and strawberry sorbet


Fruit Sabayon

Strawberry and rhubarb sabayon with vanilla ice cream


Crêpes Suzettes

Crêpes flambéed with Grand Marnier, served with orange sauce and vanilla ice cream



Fondant au chocolat

Warm moist chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream and passion fruit coulis


Ice cream Karem

chocolate, vanilla, coffee, passion fruit, strawberry or coconut


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About us

 Only two short blocks from Pub Street, a veritable oasis of peace and quiet and excellent cuisine, among the finest French establishments for miles around. This is the reputed Olive, Cuisine de Saison restaurant, founded in 2014, and managed by gracious hosts Olivier and Sophal.

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